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Nulook offers you a range of window and door suites enabling you to find the ideal solution for your next project. Performance, durability, comfort, safety, security, appearance and style - Nulook has it all! There are a variety of windows and doors available: awning, casement, sliding, bifold, french doors and more.

Whether you are looking at one window or an entire houselot we can offer you something that will suit your requirements.


The Tasman35 range has been designed to provide an affordable solution for residential joinery and provides superior weather protection. It replaces the Weathertight suite. The Tasman35 range provides for almost every possible window and door configuration, including Levelstep Ranchsliders & stackers and Eurosliders & stackers. All products in the range can be single glazed or double glazed, and can be up to 2.4m high. 


Pacific 41 has replaced our 41 Architectural suite. It is an attractive, contemporary range of joinery that offers a flat face design & structural strength. It is perfect for architecturally designed homes (and commercial projects). Pacific41 offers all window and door configurations, as well as Levelstep Ranchsliders & stackers and Eurosliders & stackers and Foldback Bifold doors. This range can be up to 2.6m high.


Southern41 Thermal is a range that has a thermal break built into the design. To the naked eye the profile looks the same as Pacific41, but Southern41 provides insulation within the joinery panels and frames. This in turn reduces the energy required to heat or cool a home. This will reduce condensation and save energy. The unique Southern41 thermal break not only builds on the impressive insulating properties of double glazing, it also delivers incomparable structural strength whilst combining traditional and modern aesthetic options. All to provide you a comfier, healthier home, all year round.


Previously known as HP48, Atlantic48 is a system capable of meeting heights of 3.2m. The system integrates seamlessly with our other product systems, including the Baltic™ Commercial, Flush Glaze and Shop Front systems to ensure a flawless architectural result. The 4 window frame options allow a consistent internal and external finish across multiple products.


Stellar Doors are aluminium doors that are designed to enhance entrance ways for your project.  The door range includes 18 door styles from traditional through to contemporary. They are available in standard or thermally broken aluminium. Doors come in standard sizes such as single or double doors, half doors and sidelight’s. Stellar Doors can be finished with your choice of powdercoat colour, woodgrain (giving you the appearance of timber, with the durability of aluminium) and the Brights powdercoat range - yellow anyone?


To learn how to best care for and maintain
your aluminium joinery click here.


To learn more about condensation, click here.

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