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We can make your joinery in a range of colours - more than 50 in fact! The two most common finishes are powder coated and anodised.


Nulook's collection of inspiring colours has been created especially for powder coated aluminium joinery. The range provides you with the flexibility to either compliment or enhance the individual style of your home.

Our colours have been formulated specifically for New Zealand's diverse and extreme conditions. Performance guaranteed for up to 15 years, you can trust the durability of our powder coated aluminium products. Along with a little care and maintenance this will keep your home looking great for years to come. 

Why powder coating?

Aluminium is a excellent choice for use in joinery and construction. But, while it is a naturally resilient surface, it still needs some protection from the elements. There are several ways to protect architectural aluminium such as anodising and powder coating. Powder coating is available in a wide range of colours. Because the application process is free of solvents and other chemicals it is safe for the work environment as well as the natural environment.


Anodising is better suited to joinery that will have a lot of exposure to

salt air - to help prevent corrosion. The anodising process involves

immersing the metal in a sulphuric acid bath and then passing an electrical

current through the metal. This creates an etching process. Colour is added

to the bath, and the etching process seals the colour as a film onto the

metal. This film then provides a hard wearing surface. Anodised aluminium

is available in black, satin or bronze.

Why anodising?

A few of the benefits of anodised aluminium are that it provides a non

reactive surface that resists wear and tear, it provides a relatively uniform

thickness and depth of finish and there is no possibility it will chip,

flake, or peel in the future.

Click here to view the brochure showing the range of colours available.

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